How do you feel when you are connected to caring people, stimulating ideas and uplifting thoughts? How do you feel when you are connected to yourself, noticing when you might be sad or excited, nervous or energized?

At the core of WIN is the idea of connecting to flourish and of seeing ourselves as part of the interconnected web of life. We stand for and with each other, creating space for each of us to grow into the best version of ourselves and pioneer new ways of living, working and leading. We see a network as a ‘working net’, a net to both nurture and to lean on.

How you do all that you do matters, and what radiates from you sends a message. It is in how we connect and how we cultivate our relationships that we find out who we really are. That can rarely be found in isolation. The how, the consciousness you put into what you do, is what creates high quality relationships.

In addition to your knowledge and self-awareness, who you know and who knows you is crucial too. The so-called Brand You is developed over time. In the interconnected web that we belong to, our reputation and credibility is of the highest value.

Our networking is balanced – both feminine and the masculine principles apply.

Perhaps the most joyful ones that allow you to be in flow are the feminine principles. These are the principles of being, attracting and allowing synchronicity. Who you are and how you do what you do calls in the people you can be of service to, people who support you to grow and bring your projects to fruition. Doing so requests your mindfulness, your connection to your body and your senses to catch the subtle signs along the way. It requests creativity and opens you to unexpected solutions.

Then there is networking via the masculine principles, which can be important too. It is the strategic way, where one sets goals and goes out to meet those believed to be useful. It is the traditional way in business and has limits. Focusing on what you have predesigned and set your mind on in advance can leave you less open to magic and synchronicity.

A mix of the two can create a powerful third force, your personal mix.

In order to succeed, we must build bridges, catch and release your judgements, grow together, put yourself in the shoes of others, set boundaries, create win-win-wins and pursue a common vision.

Over the years, I have run hundreds of workshops on the topic and it now has renewed interest. We want to network again and to do so consciously. The way we meet has completely changed across the past year. We must ask how we can build and nurture relationships, and network with pleasure, passion and purpose in the new way - mostly online. On our life journeys, we give and receive, we set goals and we attract. And just as we keep our focus, we stay open to humbly listen for what comes our way.

Could today be a day to expand your network?

Why not reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, someone a bit different, someone who can expand your mind, excite your belly and touch your heart – someone that you can inspire, that can inspire you, and that you can learn and grow with – someone you can work with and learn something new from?

Networking is no longer an exchange of advantages, it is also an exchange of wellbeing, of holding space, of acceptance, of inspiration and of uplifting each other to live fully and contribute where we are most needed. And of course, it is about doing business together – with purpose and with joy.

Here’s to connecting to flourish.

The other morning, I was reading through this year's edition of WEF's Gender Gap Report. The gap is widening. It is not surprising. The past year has been rough for many. While it has given some a chance to rest, to install new habits and reflect on life, it has also been hectic for those doing home schooling and working from home, falling ill and losing loved ones, not to mention the loss of work and financial stress. Covid-19 is not the only cause of change, there is also the acceleration of AI, introduction of new technology, increase of fake news and rise of mental health issues and the list goes on.

More Awareness

I think most of you will agree that there is finally an awareness around women, the feminine, equality and inclusion. The media talks about it, institutions research it, there are statistics and stories and women are speaking up. Men are too. Feminine consciousness is on the rise. I experience it, I see it and I feel it every day. I celebrate it.


As with so many matters these days, there is another development – regression. The widening gender gap, increasing cases of domestic violence, loss of women’s jobs and rise in poverty - the list goes on.

Staying alert.

The rise of the feminine across the planet is not solely about an inner awakening. It is also about taking a stand for what we want, protecting what you hold dear - and doing so together.

We must never take gender equality for granted. The rights we have gained can also be taken away. Look at Afghanistan or even Turkey in the recent days. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and his government just abandoned an international accord designed to protect women. The accord sought to prevent, prosecute and eliminate domestic violence.*

How do we stay vigilant?

The way to do it is to always to take a stand for what we believe in. That is the WIN way.

When we started this work advancing women and empowering the feminine we followed a dream, a small opening, an inspiration to be expanded. One of WIN’s founding pillars is Possibility. It means that we look for what is possible, create opportunities for women to learn to find opportunities. We look for the openings to go FOR rather than against and to overcome obstacles in your way. Sometimes that requires you to find courage.

It asks us to dare to dream and be all we can be, do all that is needed to be done to make that a reality.

It is about generosity. It is also about trust. We trust that we will discover new things, new ways, new solutions, that they are there - and we know that what we discover will create us anew.

So when WEF presents the Gender Gap report and when I see the numbers, I do think it is not so strange.

That is not my only thought.

I am also thinking, come on ladies and gentlemen!

If we don’t take a stand and inspire more people to deeply value generosity, caring, SHARING and everything feminine, instead of greed and hyper competition, the gender gap will only continue to widen.

The work of transforming mindsets, systems, and ways is monumental.

Still we ask, does it have to be?

We start small, asking ourselves, what do I really value? Then we stand for it.

Because, we are powerful, and more so together.

Let's support each other.

If you don’t know how, how about by supporting WIN?

I believe in miracles and in a future in which we all blossom. We can expand with your participation.

Join me in inspiring the world and expanding the way. The world needs you and me, it needs us now.

Sources: WEF Gender Gap Report, BBC

I love this time of the year, when Spring is here and the new is emerging here in the Northern Hemisphere. Over the past few years, I have paid more attention to the seasons, trying to relax in the winter and re-start in the Spring. There is already a different vibe than just a few weeks ago, and there really is something to 'Spring cleaning'.

I have had such an urge these past few days to clean up, sort out old things and create some emptiness for something new to emerge and find its way.

WIN moved out of the office just a few months ago and here I am doing another round of sorting and creating new order. It can be a bit tedious and there is certainly an exercise in patience and resilience exercise to it. Letting things go can be sad and at the same time, so needed and satisfying.

Last week, I hosted a group of high-level women leaders for a conversation about leading the way into the future. What was so apparent was that we can no longer accept any illusions. It is time to get real, to face uncomfortable truths, to say no to unacceptable things and also to find joy and celebrate every little victory. Every moment matters, let’s treasure life.

And together, let's get real. We know that there is a gap between the world we want and the one we live in, and we empower each other to be all that we can be and to do all that we can do to bridge that gap and be more than we can ever imagine. How about that? This may start by identifying relationships that no longer serve or cleaning up a messy inbox. We set boundaries, and we re-generate our lives and our relationship with the planet.

As I say each time we meet at WIN, you are a shining star. Remember that. You are a shining star.

And in the philosophy of WIN, we are all part of a constellation of shining stars who inspire the future. We even grow and learn from each other by seeing ourselves in the reflection of another. We focus on our own radiance and attract others to join us. This is networking in the feminine way - receiving, creating ripples, radiating resonance fields. When we are whole and together, we create total magic.

So let’s reveal more and more of our brilliance through a proper spring cleaning and re-set.