Building Bridges, Creating Beauty and Finding New Solutions

This summer I reflected again on the value of beauty, art, culture, creative conversations and healing company. As often said at WIN, "let beauty be the answer to the ugliness in this world". I felt this so strongly walking around in an Italy that was quieter then normal, with more space to reflect whether in the botanical gardens in Rome or in the canals of Venice.

The feminine is everywhere. And the good news is that more and more people are waking up to its importance. We enlighten the feminine by giving value to nature, beauty, intuition, caring, sharing, joy and context. We do not take it for granted. We radiate inspiration through who we are and how we do what we do, creating ripples of positive change.

Part of the feminine is resilience, a capacity to not only bounce back, but also to persist, adapt or transform in the face of change and in a way that maintains the basic identity of a system.* This can also be preserving nature or taking care of important culture and artistic traditions. Art is vital. Art expressed with love touches your heart. It not just aesthetic but also ethics that can be perceived and sensed. I think that is why a city such as Venice is magical for so many.

Perhaps more than anything, it is about the work of artisans, craftswomen and men, and ordinary people making something with their hands, creating something beautiful that is an expression of their aesthetic and way of seeing the world. It is creative. Likewise, creating nurturing connections is part of this ethics of care that centers around interpersonal relationship. Care is a virtue in itself.** Building bridges is necessary in this polarising world, and why not make sure they are stunning too?

In the world of data and accelerated change I suggest we give this more attention. Even at work, how you write a sentence, talk to a colleague, include someone or celebrate them, perhaps even add a vase of flowers to your desk, matters. How you speak, how you make decisions to be a part of nature and a part of our common humanity also when doing business. How we hold creative and soulful conversations going beyond different opinions and instead nurturing and bringing joy. How we create a context where everyone feels included. Ultimately how we care and create outstanding relationships - all this matters.

Let’s continue to explore how we can be modern Renaissance Leaders - women and men who bring a more wholistic, just and creative perspective to the world of tech, business and society.

I believe that these women and men can change the world, and you are one of them. Change comes from nourishing conversations, laughter, joy, beauty as truth and action based on love. Let’s make an extra effort to see a project come to fruition, visit a friend and listen to a colleague, simply because it feels good, whether on Zoom or in-person.

*Stockholm Resilience Centre, Schultz

**Ethics of Care, Gillghan

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