Making Space for the Unexpected

I love this time of the year, when Spring is here and the new is emerging here in the Northern Hemisphere. Over the past few years, I have paid more attention to the seasons, trying to relax in the winter and re-start in the Spring. There is already a different vibe than just a few weeks ago, and there really is something to 'Spring cleaning'.

I have had such an urge these past few days to clean up, sort out old things and create some emptiness for something new to emerge and find its way.

WIN moved out of the office just a few months ago and here I am doing another round of sorting and creating new order. It can be a bit tedious and there is certainly an exercise in patience and resilience exercise to it. Letting things go can be sad and at the same time, so needed and satisfying.

Last week, I hosted a group of high-level women leaders for a conversation about leading the way into the future. What was so apparent was that we can no longer accept any illusions. It is time to get real, to face uncomfortable truths, to say no to unacceptable things and also to find joy and celebrate every little victory. Every moment matters, let’s treasure life.

And together, let's get real. We know that there is a gap between the world we want and the one we live in, and we empower each other to be all that we can be and to do all that we can do to bridge that gap and be more than we can ever imagine. How about that? This may start by identifying relationships that no longer serve or cleaning up a messy inbox. We set boundaries, and we re-generate our lives and our relationship with the planet.

As I say each time we meet at WIN, you are a shining star. Remember that. You are a shining star.

And in the philosophy of WIN, we are all part of a constellation of shining stars who inspire the future. We even grow and learn from each other by seeing ourselves in the reflection of another. We focus on our own radiance and attract others to join us. This is networking in the feminine way - receiving, creating ripples, radiating resonance fields. When we are whole and together, we create total magic.

So let’s reveal more and more of our brilliance through a proper spring cleaning and re-set.

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