Shine Bright in a Constellation of Stars

While you are addressed as a leader at WIN, you are also addressed as a shining star. Whether you are leading an entire organization, a team or simply your own life, we want to lead with awareness and by putting others and ourselves in the Right Light. We want to shine in a constellation of the most brilliant stars, shining light on the many dark situations on the planet today.

This is a difficult time for many and for sure a very uncertain time. In these times, we must learn to stay grounded no matter what, connected to our intuition and each other.

Just imagine, you and me and thousands of other inspired and inspiring women and men doing our very best?

As we work to restore balance in the world, we continue to expand and give value to the feminine. In the feminine paradigm, it is not about the target you set, the strategy you have to reach it, rather it is about the ripples and the rays you send out to the world and those you receive. It is about HOW you do what you do, the consciousness you allow and put into who you are and what you do.

I spoke to a woman the other day who told me she loved the online WIN Conference because it managed to create that same feeling we have when we met in-person. She continued to share how she had felt at home and how she had felt so included and accepted the first time she came to WIN. She didn’t say she remembered all the 10 tips she got, although she got that too, she talked about HOW she had felt.

What can you do today to encourage someone else's natural expression and authentic contribution, while also catching it if you position yourself in any insincere way, hesitate to be you, hide or minimize yourself?

Try journaling about it and be serious in expanding your inner journey and the reflection of your outer journey too. Accept where you are and have fun with it.

Let’s continue to explore what is needed to be in our brilliance, never in isolation and with an understanding of being a part of something larger, of putting one another in the Right Light. The stronger the stars the more amazing the constellation.

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