The Renaissance Women's Leadership Journey

Lately I have been thinking back to the many WIN leadership development experiences we have had and what a journey it has been. For over 20 years, we have grown our movement and impacted thousands of women and the organizations they are a part of around the world. In 2020, so many of the pioneering topics that are presented at WIN and important to us all became more normal.

Women are rising up and companies are putting purpose, sustainability and gender balance on the top of the agenda. Companies are integrating the SDG’s and these topics have entered the mainstream.

And still, we know there is work to do and reasons to stay vigilant, continue to innovate and prepare for the future. Likewise, our focus on what we do and who we are becoming as part of an uplifting and inspiring community make life so much more meaningful. To create a future that benefits all, we need to be together. Our creative and heart-based approach is a treasure. It is worth taking a stand for.

I believe that this community is made up of so many powerful women and men and that we can be more independent than we have been. While it is super interesting to work alongside the leading progressive companies that support us, we also see them come and go, making it more difficult for us to expand as an organization in a sustainable way.

Someone once told me that knowing WIN is here is a stabilizing force for her. In an unstable world, we need some stability in order to grow our community and our impact across the planet.

This is why we are re-launching the WIN membership after a few years, so that we can continue to expand our community and our impact across the planet.

As a member, you not only benefit from a series of amazing leadership webinars, you also support women around the world at the same time. WIN has a number of projects for young girls in Kenya, in Cameroon and in India to name a few, and part of your membership goes towards these. Over the years, thousand and thousands of women and girl’s lives have benefited from our community's contributions.

This is a just one of many concrete way we can change the world and create the generosity economy we talked about at so many meetings over the years. And even if you have no time for the webinars, simply sustaining WIN is a good thing too. Remember, it is a treasure.

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